Anonymous  07/11/22 (Mon) 19:03:32 45e3fe  No.29087

Thuper Noteth of The B Gayness

>>27804 no such agency

>>27771 Baron Arizona and Babyfist: Is this the B Proof you were looking for? See/Sea 

>>27323 Baron Arizona and Babyfist: I’m not quite sure about the proof around Sgt B.  

>>23674 Babyfist/B fuckery bun

>>23076 Barron arizona and babyfist reply to 8bit on TS

>>23194 Video of jim and babyfist explaining B dcomms incident >>23204 Transcripted

>>23209>>23212>>23213>>23215 Babyfist “Trial Run”

>>23220 Stupidity in action

>>23234 Babyfist talking about working with sgt b, running psops

>>23427>>23429 Jim-crew talk about torturing Fred Brennan >>23431>>23435

>>23441 Baron Arizona and Babyfist acting like B is real and should be listened to.

>>23444>>23445 Barron Arizona op_basltoff activated

>>23449 Could Broderick be B? >>23452>>23453>>23454>>23455>>23456

>>23478 BV Called out babyfist VPS back then

>>23480 Babyfist on gab, wont tell who sgt b is

>>23513 B Admitting they used LaughingMan/Babyfists account to post on dcomms

>>23527 babyfist discusses the lies being told by qresearch

>>23544 babyfist saying that sgt b ruined his name it better be worth it 

>>23550 babyfist talks about division 

>>23564>>23567 deepdigs claims babyfist chaos made up by oss even though admitted in video

>>23462>>23463>>23466 MR Red/Orlando

>>23476>>23505>>23523 Tony, Ron(cm) and James

>>23548 babyfist admins he is fren of Thomas Schoenberger

>>23547 he will try to blow it off

>>24699>>24752 CivAnon >>>/abcu/64

>>24752 Civanon Sgt. b posts aggregated by qrb 

>>25037>>25038 Covfefe/QPatriot Digs

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